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Old Stuff

An in-depth discussion of intellectual property law as it affects multimedia developers: "An Intellectual Property Law Primer for Multimedia Developers" by lawyers J. Dianne Brinson and Mark F. Radcliffe, authors of the Multimedia Law Handbook from Ladera Press.
A detailed and information-rich "White Paper" from Index Stock Photography, Inc. titled "Licensing Still Images" deals in a practical fashion with important copyright and intellectual property issues facing multimedia developers.
An argument for international market position is presented in the white paper "Going Global: Multimedia Markets and Distribution," prepared by the International Committee of The Multimedia Development Group in San Francisco.
The full text of "Multimedia Distribution, A Nightmare of Confusion" presented at the Macromedia Worldwide User Conference, September 25, 1994, is available. Visuals and sounds are contained in a 9MB Director file (not available on the web - yet).
The "The Multimedia Revolution", an interview published in The Computing Magazine. Contact McGraw-Hill Book Company Europe, Shoppenhangers Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 2QL, England (Tel. ++44 (0) 628 23432) for free hard copies of the magazine.
Why Apple lost the "Look and Feel" suits against Microsoft and HP. An interpretation of the 1994 Federal Appelate Court decision (from the Cooley Godward lawfirm).
A powerful and exhaustively complete chart of the 216 non-dithering colors and the system colors that make up the 256 8-bit Netscape Windows and Macintosh palettes.
From creative composer Chip Harris, a collection of themes to accompany the alien characters of the game, DEADLOCK.
Places of Interest for Multimedia Development (A Somewhat-ordered collection of URLs from 1996)

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